03 Déc 2018

Slayer: Gary Holt s’absente de la tournée, Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) le remplace

Gary Holt, l’actuel guitariste de la formation thrash métal Slayer, devra s’absenter pour le reste des 5 dates de la tournée européenne du groupe.

Malheureusement, il doit se rendre au chevet de son père malade, qui vit probablement ses derniers jours. Il va sans dire que les derniers spectacles ont été durs sur le moral pour Holt.

Son remplaçant sera nul autre que Phil Demmel, un autre vétéran de la scène de la Bay Area, qui vient tout juste de mettre un terme à une carrière de 15 ans avec le groupe Machine Head. Curieusement, Demmel raconte, dans une publication Instagram, qu’un événement semblable s’est produit pour lui, il y a de cela 11 ans.

Holt et Demmel en ont fait respectivement l’annonce via leur compte Instagram.

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First things first, I want to say thank you to Berlin for the AMAZING show tonight!! BEST CROWD EVER! But what I’ve got to say has been very very hard for me these last ten days or so. My father is very near the end of his journey,I’ve been playing these last several shows with the heaviest of hearts.And with that heavy heart I have to announce I am leaving the Slayer European tour. I must return home to help care for my dad in his final moments. Tonight ended with me in tears while finishing Angel of death. But the crowd brought out the best in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all. And that having been said, I want EACH AND EVERY Slayer fan to give their biggest screams for Phil Demmel @demmelitionmh !! Bay Area legend!!! My dear friend, who having JUST finished a tour agreed to help me and the band out and learn an entire Slayer set in days and come out here so I can return home for my dad. Thank you Phil, you are family, love you bro! Please give him your warmest welcome.And most of all, I gotta thank @slayerbandofficial , @tomarayaofficial @paulbostaphofficial and Kerry King, you guys are TRULY my family, and have had my back through all what has been the roughest time in my life on tour. And thanks to our ENTIRE crew, and @lambofgod @anthrax and @obituaryband and their crews, knowing you all have been there for me through this, FAMILY. Love all of you. To my fans, thanks from the bottom of my black heart, I’ll be back in March to crush once more. And more than anything , thanks to my wife @lisaholt777 , had I been alone for this, my melt downs would have been even greater. Love you baby. See all of you soon. Thank you. And MUCH LOVE to my bros in Exodus! They know what’s going on, and no one has my back more @exodusbandofficial @zetrodus you guys are my rock

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Full circle. Karma. It’s so crazy how things work out. I got a text less than 24 hours after I played my last MH note. 11 years ago (almost to the day), I had to leave a tour to fly home and be with my family when my father passes away. Some amazing dudes stepped in to cover for me and to help the band out. I am filling in for a legend who was replaced a legend in a legendary band on their farewell tour. Despite the fact that Slayer is the reason I wanted to play heavy music, it’s beyond my utmost honor to asked to do this. Learning 19 songs (Not just songs, SLAYER songs) has been a daunting task and I have worked very hard to do Gary and the entire camp proud. As we all here send our love and support to @garyholt_official as he goes through a life altering time, the rallying this camp has done is amazing. Thank you all for your support as I grab the baton for a few shows and fly the Bay Area flag high on stage right. And lastly, the biggest hero is @martarino for being so selfless after having her partner home for 2 days, sends him off to follow this crazy dream. All hail the Queen.

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